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About us :

  Lightingole.com is a global online retail company that delivers LED lighting products directly to consumers around the world, Founded in 2010.Lightingole.com began as a small online LED products retailer on Ebay and Amazon .

Now, Lightingole.com has grown to become one of the leading online retailers of LED lights and we owns totally 50 staff, annual sales reach 15 million USD.


Our mission is to bring LED lighting solutions to our customers and provide them with an experience, not just a product. we strive to eliminate energy-wasting, traditional lighting technology and provide our customers with energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting.


  Lightingole.com has since evolved into a highly-esteemed lighting company with a growing product line that meets our customers specific needs.
Bottom line: we love LED, we love our products and we love our customers.


  Lightingole.com have a best team , from our customer service professionals and test lab technicians and shipping departments. Our technical support team with immense knowledge of the LED industry .


  Lightingole.com offers many different LED lighting products, including LED light bulbs, LED light strips and LED light strip accessories, LED table lamp and desk lamp and motr .We are committed to improving all domestic small LED lights products.  We believe, the key to that success is to offer Safety Quality products, affordable prices, quick delivery and top-tier customer service, all via our hard-working team The past few years have been challenging but also rewarding for us. We truly thank every single of our customers, who either encourages us to move forward with compliments, or forces us to optimize every aspect of our business with complaints or even criticism. Shopping at Lightingole.com , not just to buy a good product, but also to experience a happy journey.


Why need to choose energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting.LED is highly energy efficient – Less heat, more light, lower cost and LED lamps last much longer - Saving even more. Led products is best choose in our Everyday life .