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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did I only receive part of goods?

A: To let customer receive their goods on order as soon as possible, we will split shipment. Meanwhile, Lightingole has many warehouses located in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan. If clients'order includes the goods from different warehouses, you will also receive multiple packages. However, if the clients haven't received all products on order within 50 days, you can contact Lightingole (customerservice@lightingole.com), applying for resending or refund.

2. Where was my order sent from?

A: Lightingole delivers goods all over the world from warehouses located in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan. and other places. Clients can view product's warehouse information “My Order".

3. In which language can product's user manual provide?

A: Lightingole offers multiple currency'shopping environment which is more convenient for customers. But Lightingole does not sell products to specific country or Client. Lightingole provides instructions at least in English but does not guarantee the products in sale have instructions in other languages. Please confirm with our customer service staff before buying. Otherwise, if it causes goods return, the clients should solely bear the freight back and forth, and give Lightingole 15% restock compensation fee.

4. Why can’t I use my coupon?

A: Please confirm the coupon within the period of validity and the times that each account can use. If coupon is not used and valid, please contact Lightingole's customer service: customerservice@lightingole.com to get help.

5. Why can’t I use my points? / Why didn’t I get my point?

A: Please make sure that your points are in "pending" or "active" status. Shopping points can only be activated after order receipt confirmation. In addition, points also have valid period. Please use your points within valid time.

6. Why has my order not been shipped after a few days?

A: Different product has different order processing time, normally it needs 1 day while Some products need 2-5 working days. Clients can find typical processing time in each product's description.

7. How can I inquiry my order? I forgot my password? / I tried to login many times without success?

A: Lightingole registered clients can view their orders after login. For the unregistered clients, Lightingole will automatically create an account for the client after he places an order. Client’s name is his/her payment email address. Client can click “Forgot Your Password?” on the landing page, according to tips and guides to reset password in paypal mail. If clients were Lightingole registered Clients but forget password, please click "Forgot Your Password?". According to tips and guides, clients can reset password in registered mail.

8. How do I unsubscribe from the Lightingole newsletter?

A: If you do not wish to be contacted for these purposes, we offer a range of ways in which you can inform us about your marketing preferences:
-All email messages and email newsletters will contain information on how you can unsubscribe; or
-Send an email to our customer services division writing "unsubscribe" in the subject heading; or
-Call our customer services division - see the "Contact Us" section; or
-Write to us at: Customer Services, GBC leader Ltd. UK OFFICE: 28 ROCKWELL COURT, THE GATEWAY, WATFORD, ENGLAND

9. In which countries does Lightingole have local warehouses?

A: Up to now, Lightingole has local warehouses in United States, United Kingdom, Japan and other places. Different warehouses offer different products. Lightingole will update here promptly if new warehouses are open.

10. What do I do if packages can only be sent to nearby address A, but cannot be directly sent to my address?

A: Lightingole will provide the shipping address and contact information provided by the clients to the carrier (eg. DHL, airmail), but we are unable to learn the local distribution details of each carrier. Clients should confirm that the shipping way they choose can deliver goods to the address you have requested before placing the order, or contact logistics companies to transship or pick up items by themselves, any expenses incurred thereby shall all be borne by clients.

11. What do I do if I wrote wrong address or phone information in my order?

A: Clients providing incorrect addresses (including zip code) or phone information may result in failure in cargo clearance or delivery of orders, all losses caused thereby to the seller will be deducted from the clients'payments based on actual costs incurred, and a restock fee of 15% of the value of goods will be charged additionally after the goods returned. Please check the contact information carefully and ensure that the information is correct before placing an order. You can notify customer service staff to modify the address and contact details before the order delivering.

12. What do I do if I am not in the place and when the package arrives and can not sign for the package?

A: In this case, the carrier will contact the client through the client's phone number, usually the client can designate other people to sign for the package or negotiate with the carrier to let the carrier keep the package until the client come back. If the client requires the carrier to transship the package, and the carrier can provide such service, transshipment costs incurred shall all be borne by the client. If the client’s failure in signing for the package eventually leads to package returned or lost, the client needs to bear all the losses incurred by the order, including but not limited to, delivering and returning shipping cost, if the package gets lost or detained, the client is required to bear all the losses of goods.

13. What kind of modes of transport does Lightingole provide? How long is the transport time?

A: Lightingole offers different modes of transport for different countries. Lightingole promises to deliver the goods on time to carrier chosen by the clients, but delay may be caused by the carrier, customs clearance, weather, natural disasters, war, etc. during transport. Please contact Lightingole ASAP when you did not receive your packages on time.