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Zitrades 24 LED solar foldable Charging desk lamp light read lamp

SKU: 112-02001-008

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Solar recharging or cable charging, can be used  convenient.
With powerful clip, can be folded, easy to use, easy to carry.
Use energy-saving LED, no stroboscopic, free maintenance, the more won't hurt your eyes.
safety, energy saving, environment protection.
Led lamp brightness can be adjusted by moving the switch.

Package Content:
1 x LED solar foldable Charging desk lamp
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card

The polycrystalline silicon solar panels, where there is light, can be directly charging, direct sunlight charge best.
Use 700 ma rechargeable batteries.
Long life battery, charge and discharge times more than 500 times.
Energy-saving,high brightness,long life SMD LED

Description Details:

Item type: Led Desk Lamp
Number of LED: 24 LED lamp bead
Switch:  two switches, one and a half, the second highlight.
Lighting time: light around 4 hours, weak light around 7 hours.
Size:  contraction size 13 * 6 * 7.5 cm, development size 13 * 7.5 * 27 cm.
The charging ways:  solar + ac (90 v to 240 v), can be used all over the world!
Material:  ABS plastic
Color:  white
Weight:  0.4 KG

Technical indicators:

1. The charging voltage rating: AC 90 v - 240 - v 50/60 hz
2. The charging current rating: AC0.1 A0.8 W
3. The light source power: 1.5 W

Instruction for use:
1.when charging,first turn off the power at the beginning of the off position lamp,table lamp and the the power cord is fully inserted with two empty a table lamp AC outlet,plug one end of the belt direct into AC90V-240V power outlet, the corresponding charge indicator light,which means that lamp is charging,fully charged for about 15 hours.
2.if not a long time,disconnect the power dial to the off position beginning.when fully charged,the maximum brightness 24 led lights lighting can be used continuously for about six hours.
3.During use,when the LED light bulb becomes dim,the batteries become safe discharge state,this time to protect the battery,please stop using ,and charge it in time.(before the led bulb is dark fully,which is damage the battery).
4.Lamp should be usually used,be sure to be shelved indefinitely,if not often use ,every 3 months storage time of about 10 hours or more,otherwise it will reduce battery life.

Security matters:
*The power and socket must be safe and standard.
*Product charging cut services use,it would burm SMD LED bulb,or damage inner components.
*please dont shot me eyes directly,so sa not to influence.(Children must be instructed by adults)
*Do not expose this product to rain or moisture
*Each time away form the explosive charge,charging time can not be longer than 24 hours.(Suggestion charging in daylight time)

Lamp Style Kids or Novelty
Lamp Install Style N/A
Lights 12 or More Lights
Fixture waterproof N/A
Power N/A
Voltage 110V - 240V
Power Source Solar
Lamp Height N/A
Lamp Width N/A

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