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zitrades 256 colors portable USB Color Changing magic ambient led mood light White

SKU: 112-03001-219

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256 living color light changing as your intuitive, creat different atmosphere at home
Touch the color key to choose the color light you like
Changes the color light automatically
Low consumption , longer lifespan
Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery
Brightness: 150lm(equal to a 15w bulb)
User friendly: You can search the color and select what you like

This mood light is a cute warm energy saving product.Designed easy to stand on the desk.With USB interface,2 hours chargeing, 6hours using.Color LED with 256 colors can be chosen.Vary your ambience by touching the colour strip, select the color that suits your mood.

Package Content:
1 X 256 Color Living Color Light
1 X USB Cable
1 X User Manual
Warranty 1 Year!

Description Details:
Product Type: Mood light
Material: ABS+AS
Bulb: Color LED 256-color LED light
Battery: USB
Power: Rechargeable
Work Mode: Touch Switch
Color: White
Brightness: 150lm
Charging Time: 2.5-3 hours
Size: 13 X 10 X 8 mm

Instructions for operation:
1. Put the product on desktop, press  Circle 1Power On/Off to switch power on and press it again to switch power off.
2. When powered on, you may select your desired color light as you like. Put your finger at certain position in  Circle 2 Color switching zone to select your desired color.
3. When powered on, long press  Circle 1 Power On/Off for 3 seconds to enter 256-color auto switching mode. In 256-color switching mode, touch  Circle2 Color switching zone to exit 256-color switching mode to directly change to your selected color. In 256-color switching mode, press  Circle 2 Power On/Off to enter Off status.
4. Where improper operation or any other factor causes malfunction when you touch it, you may press  Circle 6 Reset at the back of the unit to restart.

To charge the product, directly insert one end of your USB cable into the  Circle 4Charging socket on the product and insert the other end into your computer USB port. When charging,  Circle 5 Charging indicator will light up, when battery is fully charged, the indicator will light off.

*Please kindly charge the unit before use.
*Please press the Reset key if the light is not moving or the unit can not be ON. Please also check if the unit need to be charged or not.
*Please do not touch the color panel when you push the reset key or remove the charging cable after charging,otherwise the unit might be dead
*To avoid accidents, never put this product in fire or water.
*If the device is to lie unused for a long time, please place it at a dry location.

Waterproof N/A
Emitting Color N/A
Power N/A
Voltage N/A
Power Source N/A

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