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Zitrades Yellow Color Motorcycle Car Boat 9cm 9 LED Neon Accent light 5ft long

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Used for any 12 volt application (motorcycle, car or suv auto modding),Hyper 9 led
150cm (5ft)length Fine Copper Easy wire Positive/ Negative incased w/ a black sheathed jacket
Length 3.6 inches (90.0 mm) (9 cm)
Voltage range 12V DC less than 26mA @ 12 volts
200,000 hour life (22 years)

This 9 LED light is built in a clear silicon pod that is flexible, heat resistant and water proof. It can be mounted on the back or either side surfaces.
It is very bright and cool! You can use it in many applications as such:Around the front grille,Under foot-wells,On wheel wells,In the trunk,Under the hood,On headlights,Along the dash.

Package Content:
1 x 3Ft long Yellow Color 9 LED Strip with 3M Tape
1 x Warranty Card
Warranty 1 Year!

Installation Tips: Use on Motorcycles, ATV's, Snowmobiles, Golf Carts, Go-Karts, Computers, Cars, Trucks, SUV, RV's, Motor Homes or anything you can think of.A unique and smarter alternative to traditional neon tubes.

Benefits of using 12Volt LEDs vs Neon:
*LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) don't get hot like regular incandescent lamps or Neon, and only also use approx 2ma of Power.
*LED LIGHTS use so little power they can be used in computers.
*Hyper LED technology., ISO 9001 - These are the brightest leds on the market.
*Make sure your leds are HYPER Bright.
*Leds typically last 100,000 hrs as opposed to neons at 30,000 hrs at best.
*Leds are not prone to weather, and are virtually indestructible.

1. For transparent or non transparent material around lighting.
2. For outline for the path and signs, illuminated advertising signs, etc.
3. For car decoration and advertisement sign lighting.

Power N/A
Voltage 12V
Chip N/A
LEDs Number 9 pcs

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