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Zitrades 30W Hydroponic Plant Flood LED Grow Lights Bulb Lamp Lighting Blue 460nm Red 630nm

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Two red wavelengths: 620-630nm, 630-660nm
Long service life, beautiful and delicate
Environment-friendly, perfect for indoor growing
Super alloy bpdy, strong and durable, energy-saving
Low heated LED bulbs will protect your plants well
Convenient loading and unloading of simple and easy to use

Fast light brighting,no flicker
Minimal heat to keep your plants from burning
Die casting aluminum is good at heat dissipation
Surface temperature usually stay below 65 degree
Wide range of available operating voltage and low consumption
No infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation to destroy your plants
Green and health protection,no pollutio,more comfortable for our vision

The 30watt Advance Spectrum LED Flood Grow Lights are great for supplemental lighting. This LED Light helps provide an enrichment support for plants during the flowering or blooming stages as well as the vegetation stage. Our LED grow lights are one of the most efficient, high quality, and green option for indoor gardening enthusiast helping you produce the high quality harvest that growers' desire.

Package content:
1 x 30W LED Grow Light
1 x User manual
1 x Warranty card

Description Details:

Material:  Aluminum
Power:  30W
Input voltage:  85V-265V
Light color:  Red/Blue
Wavelength :  Red 620-630nm / Blue 460-470nm
Output:  1300-1400LM
Source life:  >60,000 hours
Beam angle:  120 degree
Body temperature:  <60°C
Waterproof:  IP65
Weight:  1.757kg

How specific wavelength works:
Blue wavelength 460nm: Help plants grow
Red wavelength 630nm: Help plants grow and flowering , red LED is the key for flowering plants.

*Using 100% 30W Grow LED Chips : (Note: there are so many kinds of LED grow lights in the marketplace , but most of them do not use real GROW LEDs in their grow lights, and the wavelength of their lights are totally wrong, this will kill your plants, it will waste your time and money ) Blue(430nm 460nm, Help plants growing); Red(630nm 660nm, help plants Flowering, red LED is the key for flowering plants); UV(wavelength: 380nm)
*IR(wavelength: 730nm): IR can help plants grow, but it very harmful human beings, so I kindly suggest you donot use IR in your grow lights, but we can add 1 or 2 piece IR LEDs If you really need it in a specific situation .
*UV(wavelength: 380nm): UV can help plants grow and kill insects , but it also very harmful for hum begings, so we donot use it in our led grow lights, but we can add UV LEDs if you need it in a specific situation .

Green light source, environmental protection, containing no harmful mercury content

Waterproof IP65
Emitting Color N/A
Power 30W
Voltage N/A
Power Source N/A

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